Members of the Consortium

The consortium created for the implementation of the HINDCON project involves 12 leading companies in their respective fields



VIAS is a construction firm that belongs to one of the world’s largest construction and services groups (ACS group), with over 85 years’ experience. Headquartered in Madrid (Spain), VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES has offices in Poland, United Kingdom, Portugal, Canada and the U.S. in order to boost its international expansion.

Its general construction business focuses primarily on major projects for railways, motorways and roads, airports, water works, coastal works and ports, industrial works and urban development, environmental works, buildings, etc. VIAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES has an extensive experience in the construction of buildings for residential and administrative uses, and in terms of turnover and profitability, it is one of Spain’s’ largest construction firms.

VÍAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES has promoted and managed more than 60 R&D projects, inside the different support programs of the Spanish and European Government, and it leads the Strategic Group of Infrastructure Construction of the Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC).

Main Tasks

VÍAS Y CONSTRUCCIONES is the coordinator of the HINDCON project and will lead all the management and dissemination aspects, as well as the representation of the consortium in front of the European Commission. VIAS will also contribute with its experience and know-how in the construction sector by leading the demonstration phase, as main end-user of the project solution, as well as with the definition of the business model.

Having a leading role, also from a technical point of view, VIAS will participate actively together with other partners in the additive material development, in the printing and robotic technologies development, in the definition of manufacturing and construction processes, in the Life Cycle Analysis and in the replicability and technology transfer models.


Lafarge Centre de Recherche SAS

LafargeHolcim is a new group born from the merger of Lafarge and Holcim in July 2015. It is the worldwide leader in construction materials. The group is based in Switzerland, present on Paris and Zurich stock exchange, but operates at a worldwide scale with 2 500 sites in 80 countries. Lafarge employs 115000 people worldwide for an annual revenue in 2015 of 32.6 billion swiss francs.

Lafarge Holcim has an ambitious R&D program supported by a budget of 130 millions euros. Based in Saint Quentin Fallavier, in France, Lafarge Centre de Recherche centralizes the group’s research efforts. With 240 researchers of 15 different nationalities, it represents the world biggest lab dedicated to construction materials.

Lafarge Centre de Recherche have been following 3D printing related subjects for years, and more intensively since January 2015 with the creation of a R&D project dedicated to the development of 3D printable formulations, and associated processes. It also has been initiating a collaboration on the subject with several entities, both public an private, in the goal of developing integrated concrete 3D printing solutions.

Main Tasks

LafargeHolcim’s main task in the consortium will be to develop relevant materials to the technical requirements of the demonstrator, and to provide expertise and scientific support to all material related issues within the consortium: compatibility of the process with the material, characterization of the material within the produced elements, global footprint of the material.

This will be materialized by the coordination of WP2, assumed by LafargueHolcim. The material expertise will also make LafargueHolcim to participate in the development of printing and robotic technologies, the Life Cycle Analysis, in the business model definition and in the demonstration phase.


Siemens Program and System Engineering SRL

SIEMENS is a global powerhouse in electric and electronic industry, a world leader in complex infrastructures solutions and an active provider of sustainable green technologies. Siemens Corporate Technology (CT) develop hardware and software systems and solutions, and a broad range of services for the entire field of information and communication technologies, acting as main driver of innovation inside Siemens.

SIEMENS CT Romania, with over 250 engineers and researchers is a Romanian branch of these activities. CT has an extensive expertise and experience in all areas of software development, working for a large variety of sectors like energy, automotive and industrial manufacturing or services to mention but a few. Current research capacity and expertise of the department in Brasov (acting inside Siemens SRL, Romanian house company of Corporate Technology) encompasses fields like Constraint Based Configurations and Schedulers, Complex Event Processing, Medical Informatics, Intelligent Networks, Sensor Networks, Data Acquisition Architectures and Future Internet Technologies, and also Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) design and verification, PCB design and implementation and full capabilities to do Hardware, Software and Mechanic co-designed solutions.

The department acts at the global scale in Siemens Corporate Technology division, core technological house of the corporation. Due to this unique position, the group contributes in the large mesh of knowledge of CT experts, with large access to the EU funded projects where Siemens CT already contributes. From the local group perspective, the expertise offered is centred on some main research cores: Knowledge based systems (with a strong focus on Constraints Based Systems and the mix with Semantic technologies), Event Processing and Event Driven Architectures, Multi-Agent Systems, Big Data analytics, Cloud Computing and Networking technologies, Image Analytics and large scale optimization.

Main Tasks

SIEMENS main purpose on the project is to contribute to the HINDCON solution by incorporating predictive maintenance as an essential aspect. Predictive maintenance will certainly enrich the all-in-one machine, increasing its robustness and its adaptability. SIEMENS will also collaborate with the Consortium in some of the cross-cutting activities.

Siemens will use its experience in Predictive Maintenance in order to develop components able to process the vast amounts of data which the HINDCON solution will produce, thus increasing context awareness and the analytics capabilities of such solutions.

Siemens CT will disseminate HINDCON’s results mainly to impacted business units, peer research groups and selected customers. Dissemination will be done via internal workshops, exhibitions and round tables with interested parties.


Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation IPA

The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft is Germany’s leading organization of applied research. At present, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft maintains roughly 80 research units, including 60 Fraunhofer Institutes, at over 40 different locations in Germany. A staff of some 20,000, mostly qualified scientists and engineers, works with an annual research budget of over 1.6 billion Euros.

The Fraunhofer-Institute for Production Engineering and Automation (IPA) develops solutions for organizational and technological functions in the production sector of industrial companies. The activities conducted by the department of robot- and assistive systems encompass all the subjects connected with robot deployment and automatable production processes, as well as the development of robot systems and their key components. Examples are the development of new processes, high-dynamics sensor-actor applications and production cell set ups. With more than 400 researchers Fraunhofer IPA is one of the largest research institutes within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft it belongs to the leading research institutes in the field of robotics and automation. IPA currently holds 100’s of patents and many applications are pending.

Main Tasks

Fraunhofer IPA will take the lead of the design and development of the cable-driven parallel robot used as manipulator in HINDCON. For this reason Fraunhofer IPA will coordinate the printing and robotic technologies development phase, being especially in charge of specifying the single platform. For this reason, IPA will also have a strong participation in the control software development, as well as the definition of the business model and the demonstration phase.

Fundacio CIM

Centre CIM Fundación Privada

CENTRE FUNDACIÓ CIM is a Technological Research Center affiliated to the UPC – “Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya” dedicated to R&D and knowledge transfer in relevant fields of manufacturing, automation and production management. FCIM is distinguished as a reference centre in Manufacturing technologies, technological projects, research, innovation and training for industries. Fundacio CIM is very intensive in machinery and production applications, with highly innovative labs in Machining, Additive Manufacturing, Metrology and state-of-the-art processes for manufacturing. The Research and Development activities of the Fundacio CIM are focused on production technologies, addressing the applicability and sustainability of the solutions materialized. The services offered are the result of more than 20 years of background in the field of production technologies and, as a result, FCIM counts on specialists in the areas of systems engineering, manufacturing, automation, robotics, mechanics and design, which can contribute to solve in a holistic manner the problems of existing systems of industrial production.

Main Tasks

FUNDACIÓ CIM will be in charge of the development of the additive manufacturing tools of the HINDCON hybrid solution. This will imply the development of the extruder together with additional parts, such as the feeding system. Being the main leader of the additive manufacturing technology development makes the contribution of FUNDACIÓ CIM especially relevant in other areas of the project, such as additive material development, control software development, development of manufacturing and construction processes, and the definition of the business model. FUNDACIÓ CIM will also have active contributions to the demonstration phase and to the technology transfer and security protocol definition.


ESTIA (École Supérieure)

ESTIA (Advanced Industrial Technologies Superior School) is the Engineering School of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the city of Bayonne, Basque Country. ESTIA has been providing education and training for ten years, in the areas of industrial technologies.
ESTIA has strong partnerships with other European schools: University of Bordeaux I, School of Engineers of Bilbao in Spain and the University of Cranfield, Wolverhampton, & Salford in the United Kingdom. It also maintains collaborations with several centres and networks.

ESTIA-COMPOSITADOUR is a technical platform specialized in automated processes for implementing composite materials. It aims at encouraging innovation through collaboration between research, training and industry. ESTIA-COMPOSITADOUR uses cutting-edge technology and is able to mobilize its network of skills, experts and researchers from laboratories, SME’s and major industrial groups to develop innovative projects. In order to encourage the transformation of companies by appropriating technologies linked to composites and automated process, ESTIA-COMPOSITADOUR Initiate and carry out collaborative projects to support technologies and procedures until mature.
ESTIA- COMPOSITADOUR is managed by ESTIA, an Engineer school involved in several collaborative projects where ESTIA was leader, thus project will benefit from the experience of ESTIA in terms of project management.

Main Tasks

ESTIA will develop subtractive tools of the HINDCON all-in-one machine. This toolkit includes a machining robot and some additional parts, such as machine selector equipment. It will also be essential the contribution of ESTIA in the control software development phase, in order to develop a software control for the subtractive toolkit. ESTIA will also have a leading role in the exploratory task to deploy fibre carbon composite cured by UV for reinforcement.

Finally, ESTIA will play a very active role in the definition of the business model and in the demonstration phase.


University of Patras. Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems & Automation

The Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems and Automation (LMS) of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics, in the University of Patras, Greece, is under the supervision of Professor George Chryssolouris and is oriented on research and development in cutting edge scientific and technological fields. LMS employs approximately 70 researchers organized in three different groups focusing on Manufacturing Processes Modelling and Energy Efficiency, Robots, Automation and Virtual Reality in Manufacturing and Manufacturing Systems. LMS is involved in a number of EU funded research projects in a variety of disciplines organized in different research groups. Particular emphasis is given to the co-operation with European industry. LMS performs Research and Development (R&D) work related mainly to the following areas: Innovative Manufacturing Processes Advanced Human-Centered Design Techniques including Virtual Reality, and Production Systems Planning, Control and Networking.

Main Tasks

LMS will lead the path planning and optimization algorithm development for the HINDCON solution belonging to the control software development phase. This module will be included together with a simulation module in the control module. This aspect is especially relevant for the additive manufacturing part of the solution. It must be noted that LMS will also be strongly involved in the additive material development, in the definition of manufacturing and construction processes, in the Life Cycle Analysis and, obviously, in the demonstration phase.


Stiftelsen SINTEF

SINTEF is the largest independent research organization in Scandinavia and applies research to produce new knowledge and innovative solutions in technology, medicine, natural and social sciences. SINTEF performs contract R&D for industry and the public sector, aiming to fulfill the vision of “technology for a better society”. The department for Industrial management will be responsible for the HINDCON project from SINTEF. The department is conducting research and development in an interdisciplinary working environment focusing on the interaction between technology, human, organization and society.

Main Tasks

SINTEF’s main contribution will be in WP9, “Replicability and Technology transfer”. By contributing with experience within the areas of manufacturing strategy, lean construction and technology transfer, SINTEF will identify and address challenges and opportunities connected to introducing new, potentially disruptive, technology in the construction industry. SINTEF has expertise within systems for efficient and sustainable production, methodologies and tools for logistics and distribution solutions. SINTEF has also significant experience of doing dissemination of project results towards both the scientific and the industrial community.

SINTEF will also be involved the definition of manufacturing and construction processes, in the business model definition and in the demonstration phase.


Agencia Estatal Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas. IETCC

The Institute of Construction Sciences “Eduardo Torroja” belongs to the High Council of Scientific Research -CSIC- the biggest multidisciplinary research institution in Spain affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Innovation. The mission of IETcc, since its foundation in 1934, is the development of scientific and technical research in the field of construction and construction materials. It provides technical support by technical assessment of innovative building materials, procedures or systems (Technical Approvals), and carried out expertise on analyses and evaluation of causes of pathological disorders, in cases of special importance or risk, or at judicial authority request, to the construction sector and transfer know-how. Worth mentioning are its relationships with the MINISTRY OF PUBLIC WORKS and AENOR (Spanish Standards Institution). It is the institution in charge of the coordination of the National Building Technical Code. The IETcc is also member and cofounder of the following international associations ENBRI, EOTA, UEAtc, CIB, FIB (CEB-FIP), RILEM, IABSE. It has relationships with the majority of Latin American countries related construction institutions and technical universities, by means of CEMCO, the corresponding members of IETcc and ALCONPAT.

Main Tasks

IETCC will be actively involved in replicability, technology transfer and new training , especially leading the technology transfer from construction to other sectors and participating in the development of machine procedures and previous experiences. IETCC, however, will also participate actively in the demonstration phase and will have some involvement in the additive material development.


Atanga Sistemas y Servicios SL

“ATANGA sistemas y servicios SL” (ATANGA) is an architecture and engineering company founded after more than 25 years of experience in the whole construction procedure, from design to construction site.

Works in more than 15 countries (Spain, Germany, USA, China, Vietnam, Norway, Senegal, Korea, etc) covering residential, hospitals, office, commercial, airports and infrastructures projects.

ATANGA is also involved in new processes including BIM (Building Information Modelling), LEAN construction, Project and Facility Management and Energy resources (LEED and others) around new construction and also reconstruction process.
We manage a Master degree in BIM process, collaborating with other 3 master courses, and collaborating in 2 Research and Innovation Projects.

Main Tasks

ATANGA will contribute to HINDCON having a strong involvement in the definition of manufacturing and construction processes and in the demonstration phase. This partner will be highly focused on the requirements of the final solution related to the architecture sector. It will also play a very active role in the quality standards definition of parts produced by the HINDCON machine, in the control software development and in the inspection of the parts produced by the demonstrator.


XtreeE France SAS

Within XtreeE, the Consulting department is focused on research associated with structural optimization for civil engineering and architecture domains, while paying a highly specific attention to the manufacturing constraints associated with the 3D printing process (its possibilities and limitations), through the team’s deep knowledge of the various aspects of 3D printing technologies and through a constant appropriation of recent technological developments. XtreeE Consulting includes traditional approaches in civil engineering thanks to its engineers graduated in prestigious schools in France (Ecole des Ponts et Chaussées, Arts & Métiers) but its main task is about addressing the engineering challenges associated with disruptive manufacturing processes, between the decision makers and sometimes more classical engineering offices which often have not developed internally the very specific skills associated with the most innovative fabrication techniques. XtreeE Consulting favours crossed approaches, e.g. the optimization of design processes from new implementation methods or the optimization of implementation methods from an advanced control of new design tools (engineering and retro-engineering).

Main Tasks

XtreeE will play an essential role in HINDCON as a civil engineering expert of the consortium. Its work will be mainly focused on leading the definition and analysis of the manufacturing and construction processes, with special attention to the design of construction elements for civil works. Its expertise in a core application of the solution will lead XtreeE to participate in the cross-cutting activities of the project, such as the LCA study or the Business Model definition. XtreeE will also have a strong participation in the demonstration phase, especially in use case definition.

LCA Consultants

LCA Consultants APS

2.-0 LCA consultants (limited liability partnership) are an internationally oriented consultancy company dedicated to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and related tools such as Integrated Product Management. It was founded in 2000 by senior consultant Dr. Bo P. Weidema and it currently has six employees.

We provide methods for measuring progress towards sustainability, and for assessing the environmental and social impact of specific actions or products. Our tools support encompassing, long-lasting decisions, aligned with other business objectives, turning environmental and social costs into opportunities. We apply stakeholder analysis and involvement to create win-win solutions, removing financial, technological and psychological barriers to the implementation of optimised decisions.

We initiate and take part in non-profit activities at the highest technical level, e.g. in ISO, SETAC and UNEP. Past and current projects include EU projects on standards for LCA data and input to the EU resources strategy, national and international projects on database development, prioritisation within the Integrated Product Policy, analysis of product policy options, development of life cycle assessment methodology, as well as specific LCAs and reviews for European industry associations and international companies.

More information can be found at:

Main Tasks

This partner will be clearly oriented to the development of the Life Cycle Analysis of the HINDCON solution. It will, therefore, play the role of LCA and environmental impact reference expert, collecting the technical data to perform the assessment from all the technical partners. Its role will be reinforced by the fact that it is totally independent from the technical work packages and will not participate in the development of the solution.